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NH GOP Senate Primary is “Heated,” “Crazy,” “Complicated,” and “Messy”

“Crazy,” “complicated,” “heated,” and “messy” are just four of the ways leading NH political observers are describing the NH GOP’s Senate primary in the past day. Yesterday morning, The Boston Globe’s James Pindell joined NH Today with Chris Ryan with a brutal assessment of the emerging NH GOP Senate field, saying, “it’s going to be a crazy, complicated, messy Republican primary” and “if I’m a Republican donor from California… I don’t know why I am getting involved in this race right now.” Ryan added that “Republicans have squandered” their opportunity by not having “an A-list candidate” and are now headed for a “heated, contested primary.” The segment followed Pindell’s article in the Globe about how Republicans’ “self-inflicted” wounds and chaotic primary threaten to damage their chances of winning New Hampshire’s Senate race. Pindell and Ryan are just the latest to highlight how much trouble New Hampshire Republicans are in. This week, a leading NH political operative called the primary a “hot mess” and others have predicted a Republican contest “full of bloodletting” and filled with “B-tier candidates” that New Hampshire voters “know next to nothing about.”



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