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NH GOP Senate Primary Continues to Get Messier

Chris Sununu on US Senate Candidate Don Bolduc: “I Don't Take Him as a Serious Candidate.”

It has been one of the most chaotic weeks of the NH GOP Senate primary so far — and the state of the primary is only getting messier now that Chris Sununu has decided to weigh in and attack the current “frontrunner” Republican candidate Don Bolduc. During an interview this morning on NH Today with host Chris Ryan, Sununu slammed Bolduc, saying, "I don't take him as a serious candidate. I don't think most people do. He's kinda a conspiracy theorist type candidate." Sununu and Bolduc have always had a strained relationship that took a nasty turn when Bolduc called Sununu a “Chinese communist sympathizer” last November, which he half-heartedly walked back during a radio debate hosted by Jack Heath this week. With less than one month to go, Sununu and other GOP insiders will likely add more chaos and division to the Republican Senate primary.


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