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NH GOP Senate Candidates Would Be Yes Votes to Help McConnell and Washington GOP Pass Nation

On Saturday, USA Today reported that Mitch McConnell announced that it is “possible” that Republicans push a nationwide abortion ban if they retake the Senate majority in November. It’s just the latest report that Senate Republicans are preparing a nationwide abortion ban if they retake the Senate majority — The Washington Post and NBC News have also written that a nationwide abortion ban is in the works if they were to retake the Majority next year.

  • Asked Thursday if a national ban, which anti-abortion activists are pursuing, is something worthy of a debate or until after the election, McConnell acknowledged the possibility even though he considers the discussion premature. "If the leaked opinion became the final opinion, legislative bodies – not only at the state level but at the federal level – certainly could legislate in that area," McConnell said. "And if this were the final decision, that was the point that it should be resolved one way or another in the legislative process. So yeah, it's possible."

  • Leading antiabortion groups and their allies in Congress have been meeting behind the scenes to plan a national strategy that would kick in if the Supreme Court rolls back abortion rights this summer, including a push for a strict nationwide ban on the procedure if Republicans retake power in Washington.

Last week, all of the Republican Senate candidates made it clear that they support the Supreme Court’s draft decision to overturn Roe and the abortion ban that Chuck Morse helped create and pass last year. It’s absolutely clear that if any of the NH GOP Senate candidates were in the Senate with McConnell, they would vote in favor of a nationwide abortion ban.


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