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NH GOP Primary Gets Even Messier as Dark Money Group Tries to Revive Smith’s Lifeless Campaign

A new dark money group released an ad for NH GOP Senate candidate Kevin Smith today in a clear and desperate attempt to revive Smith’s lifeless campaign as he fails to get the grassroots support he needs to continue in the chaotic, expensive Senate primary. The group, called Stand for New Hampshire, is spending $450,000 to boost Smith’s profile in the messy five-person Republican primary. Smith’s reliance on the dark money group to gain traction is a clear sign that he is struggling to get Granite Staters’ support and that Republicans are set for a vicious, expensive, five-month primary. Smith has taken a number of unpopular positions with NH voters, including opposing a gas tax holiday, which is widely supported by Republicans and voters across the political spectrum. “Kevin Smith’s candidacy has completely failed to resonate with Granite Staters and now he is turning to his corporate special interest friends to bail him out with dark money ads,” said NHDP spokesperson Gates MacPherson. “This is the latest sign that Republicans are set for a chaotic, expensive, and vicious primary that will last all summer and into the fall — and leave the eventual Republican nominee deeply damaged.”


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