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NH GOP Passes Budget Attacking Public Schools, Health Care, & Free Speech

Concord, N.H.– House Republicans yesterday passed an extreme right-wing state budget that cuts state education aid by an estimated $90 million dollars, defunds Planned Parenthood, and restricts free speech. In response, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“New Hampshire Republicans are leaving Granite Staters behind with the disastrous House budget. The NH GOP budget slashes education funding for local schools, defunds vital reproductive health care providers during a global pandemic, and offloads state responsibilities onto the backs of already overburdened local property taxpayers -- including struggling Main Street small businesses -- for the benefit of out-of-state corporate special interests. “Let’s be clear -- Chris Sununu owns this disastrous budget crafted by members of the Republican Party he worked to elect and who are fully committed to making life harder for New Hampshire’s working families -- plain and simple.

“While Sununu and New Hampshire Republicans push a budget that leaves Granite Staters behind, Democrats will continue to fight for legislation that will actually help Granite Staters by expanding access to quality, affordable health care, increasing funding for education, and ensuring property tax relief for Granite Staters.”



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