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NH Business Review: New Hampshire rents have jumped by 37.5% since pandemic began

In case you missed it, in an article published by NH Business Review, Jeff Feingold highlighted the rent spike that has persisted across New Hampshire since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the last several years, the state’s average rent cost has become one of the highest in the nation.

These intolerable rent increases are part of a broader housing crisis that has badly worsened throughout Governor Chris Sununu's time in office. Since being elected, Sununu has failed to take action to alleviate New Hampshire's worsening housing crisis — and has often worked against fixing the problem. Read the full article here. Facts About Chris Sununu’s Housing Crisis:

  • In 2021, Gov. Sununu said that he would have voted against a federal relief plan that included allocations of $152 million for New Hampshire rental housing assistance.

  • The following year, Sununu struggled to use $100 million in federal funds designated for affordable housing.

  • In 2022, New Hampshire’s vacancy rate hit 0.5 percent while rent costs increased by 32 percent since 2017 — one of the lowest vacancy rates in the nation.


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