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NH Business Review: GOP House Maj. Leader Fires 500 After Taking $4 Million in PPP Loans

CONCORD, NH — After running his father’s debt collection company into the ground and taking over $4 million in Paycheck Protection Program loans from the federal government, Republican House Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R-Auburn) personally fired over 500 employees without proper notice prompting multiple lawsuits according to reporting from the New Hampshire Business Review.The lawsuits stemming from his sinking of the company — to which his father named him Director — has caused tremendous hardship for many New Hampshire workers, including:
  • A class action lawsuit filed by former employees who say they were cruelly denied back pay and vacation pay — even after personal pleas to Rep. Osborne. The suit, filed in Ohio federal court, alleges that Mammoth violated the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act for not giving workers the required 60-day notice before a layoff. In his mass email, Jason Osborn alludes to the WARN Act, but said the 60-day notice “was not possible.”

  • Lawsuits for unpaid rent from the Manchester landlord which housed the company — Mammoth Tech Inc.

  • Two disability discrimination lawsuits from pregnant former employees.

  • $1 million in judgments from a staffing agency against the company for unpaid work.

  • A $181,000 judgment against Rep. Osborne’s company for reneging on a management company contract.

In the article, former employees of Rep. Osborne’s company — which relied heavily on collecting student debt — talk about their personal experiences pleading with Rep. Osborne to make good on their back pay, and how he cruelly ignored their pleas/ “They could care less for their employees,” said Danielle Sullivan, a former Mammoth manager from Raymond, who has a hearing Wednesday morning on her claim for over $5,000 of back pay and vacation time she says she’s owned. “Osborne knew exactly what he did. I reached out to him on company Teams, on Facebook, basically begging him for our vacation pay,” she said. “He showed no compassion whatsoever.” She described working for the company for 10 years, working 15-hour days before being fired via a mass email. She said one employee threatened to commit suicide over the firing and loss of back pay. Rep. Osborne refused to comment on the story, and instructed his father not to talk to reporters. He joins Governor Chris Sununu in being one of the top NH GOP leaders to inherit both his professional and political success due entirely to the achievements of his father.


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