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New York Times: How a New Class of Republicans Could Push America to the Right

In case you missed it, the New York Times reported on how Republican candidates like Kevin Smith and Don Bolduc are pushing America to the right by supporting extreme policies like repealing marriage equality and eliminating the Department of Education. Read key excerpts below:

  • But across a range of policy issues, including abortion, climate change, same-sex marriage and education, Trump’s MAGA warriors have taken positions that put them on the fringes of the Republican Party — let alone the nation as a whole.

  • The usual caveats apply: Candidates often say things to win a primary that they then jettison or downplay when facing general-election voters.

  • But the nature of political partisanship in America has changed over the last decade or so, raising doubts about whether that conventional wisdom still holds. If they are elected in November, the Trump crowd could shove American politics sharply rightward.

  • Nowhere is the starkness of these candidates’ positions more evident than on abortion, which has become a much more urgent litmus test on the right since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

  • Skepticism of the human impact on the planet’s climate abounds, despite mounting scientific evidence that severe flooding, rising global temperatures, droughts and volatile weather patterns have already arrived.

  • Across the board, the Trump-aligned candidates support redirecting tax dollars toward vouchers, private religious schools or other forms of “school choice,” as do some Democrats.

  • [...] Don Bolduc, who is seeking the nomination for a Senate seat in New Hampshire, has called the Education Department an “ugly thing” that “needs to go away.”

  • At times, candidates have blamed the Education Department, a historically weak agency that has no real authority over states and local governments, for a variety of supposed ills.

  • Several other Republican candidates for Senate, including [...] Bolduc and Kevin Smith in New Hampshire, have expressed their opposition to same-sex marriage in more muted terms.


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