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New Innovative, Highly Targeted On Campus Ad Campaign to Tell NH College Students How Easy Voting is

New Hampshire Democratic Party’s New Digital and Print Ads will Educate Dartmouth, Keene State, and UNH Students About Voting in 2020

Concord, N.H – Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party launched a new innovative and highly targeted ad campaign to tell New Hampshire college students how easy voting is in 2020 and to quickly connect them to the information they need to cast their ballot. The ad campaign, titled “Voting is Easier Than” features half a dozen university-specific examples of how much easier and more convenient voting is than many of the other things students tackle in their campus lives. For example:

  • The Dartmouth College ad says “voting is easier than sending a flitz.” (A “flitz” is a Dartmouth term for a flirty email - Dartmouth's email system is called "blitz," and a "flitz" is a way to ask someone out via email.) You can see the full Dartmouth ads here.

  • The UNH ad says, “voting is easier than finding a table at Union Court.” (Union Court is one of UNH’s busiest campus centers). You can see the full UNH ads here.

  • The Keene State ad says, “voting is easier than avoiding your ex.” You can see the full Keene State ads here.

Each ad also features a QR code, allowing students to use their camera phone to access local voter registration and voting information at,, and respectively. “There is so much at stake in this election for young people, from reproductive rights to addressing the climate crisis to advancing racial equality, and there is a stark difference between Donald Trump and Chris Sununu’s damaging do-nothing policies versus Democrats’ plans to tackle these issues head-on,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Spokesperson Gates MacPherson. “If you’re a U.S. Citizen, will be 18 years old by election day and live in New Hampshire, you can vote in New Hampshire. It’s that simple, and there’s never been a more important time for young people to get involved, get registered, and vote.”



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