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NEW: In Radio Interview, Shaky Sununu Denies & Then Admits that He’s Talking to Mitch McConnell

Interview Is The Latest Sign Sununu Would Be McConnell’s Puppet in the US Senate

Concord, N.H. -- In a painful interview this morning with NH Today’s Chris Ryan, Chris Sununu tried to deny, and then conceded, that he had spoken with Mitch McConnell about running for Senate. The latest revelation comes just a few days after Politico reported that Sununu has personally met with National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair and McConnell ally Rick Scott. Listen to the interview here and read the transcript below. Chris Ryan: Have you spoken with Mitch McConnell and many other senators [about running for Senate]? Governor Sununu: I have not spoken with Mitch McConnell about this issue. I've spoken with him on anoth--no, I take that back. I did speak to Mitch. I'm sorry, no, I did speak to Mitch McConnell, I've spoken to a bunch of senators. Frankly, I've spoken to a bunch of governors. The interview is the latest sign that Sununu would be McConnell’s puppet in the US Senate. McConnell -- who has pushed repeatedly to take away health care for Granite Staters with pre-existing conditions, gave tax cuts to big prescription drug companies, and obstructed COVID-19 relief for small businesses -- is relentless in his efforts to get Sununu to launch a campaign for Senate in 2022. McConnell has “personally lobbied” Sununu to run against Senator Hassan, and believes Sununu would be “a great candidate.”



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