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New Hampshire Leaders Discuss Congressional Delegation’s Success Delivering Infrastructure Bill

In Case You Missed It, today New Hampshire Executive Councilor Cinde Warmington, State Senator David Watters, State Representative Laura Telerski, and State Representative Bill Marsh held a virtual press conference to discuss the recently passed Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal and how Republican Congressional candidates Matt Mowers, Karoline Leavitt, and Gail Huff Brown oppose the deal.

President Biden signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal into law this week with help from New Hampshire’s Congressional Delegation — which will bring billions of dollars to New Hampshire to invest in infrastructure projects across the state.

While New Hampshire’s federal delegation worked across the aisle to secure this critical funding, Republican candidates for Congress ​​Matt Mowers, Karoline Leavitt, and Gail Huff Brown have all made it clear they oppose this bill and with it, the investments it will make to our roads and bridges, and the jobs it will create in New Hampshire.

Read excerpts from their remarks here:

Executive Councilor Cinde Warmington on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill:

“Here’s the truth -- the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill brings much-needed investments in New Hampshire’s infrastructure and New Hampshire is getting more funding per capita than more than half the states in the country, including Massachusetts, New York, and California.

Despite bad faith attacks from Republicans, Governor Sununu’s own transportation department has praised the deal and the impact it will have on New Hampshire.”

State Senator David Watters on clean water:

“After years of empty promises from Republicans, half-measures, and a GOP legislature that would deny or ignore the existence of threats to our precious water, we finally have the kind of federal investment that will ensure clean water infrastructure for the next generation.”

State Representative Laura Telerski on passenger rail:

“These key investments in our transit infrastructure will expand funding opportunities for projects like building passenger rail connecting Manchester and Boston.... This is also something Chris Sununu is opposed to and describes as a “boondoggle.” But it’s just common sense to connect the largest city in Northern New England with the largest city in New England! Unfortunately, Republican officials like Chris Sununu want to play politics rather than support the needs of Granite Staters.”

State Representative Bill Marsh on expanding high-speed internet: “Our Congressional Delegation worked tirelessly to deliver major investments in high speed internet and we know that these investments will meet the moment. But as my fellow Democrats here with me today have noted, the NH GOP has done everything they can to oppose this necessary progress and have resorted to telling lies about the bill. Even the New Hampshire Republicans running for Congress, like Gail Huff Brown, Karoline Leavitt, and Matt Mowers, have said that they’d vote no if they had been elected.”


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