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New Hampshire Democratic Leaders Blast Ron DeSantis’ Extreme Agenda Ahead of Visit

CONCORD, NH — Today, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley, NH Deputy House Democratic Leader Alexis Simpson, and NH House Democratic Victory Campaign Committee Chair Laura Telerski hosted a press call blasting Ron DeSantis’ MAGA agenda ahead of his first trip to New Hampshire as a presidential candidate tomorrow.

Speakers called out DeSantis for his extreme record of fighting to rip away people’s freedoms — and his plans to bring that agenda nationwide. DeSantis signed one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the country as governor of Florida and repeatedly called to gut Social Security and Medicare as a member of Congress, while refusing to address skyrocketing housing and health care costs.

“As a lifelong Granite Stater, I can tell you that our freedoms are what we cherish most in New Hampshire. Be it the freedom for a woman to choose what happens to her own body, the freedom to vote or the freedom to live life as our authentic selves, our freedoms are at the core of the Granite State,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “It tells you a lot about just how out of step Ron DeSantis is with the people of our state, that he is showing up to campaign here on a record of ripping away those very same freedoms.”

“When it comes to restricting reproductive freedom, DeSantis signed one of the strictest abortion bans in the country, banning abortion after six weeks, before many women even know they’re pregnant,” said NH House Democratic Victory Campaign Committee Chair Laura Telerski. “New Hampshire women cannot afford for candidates like Ron DeSantis to put our lives at risk as he works to score political points with his base.”

“When he wasn’t busy doing the bidding of special interests, DeSantis has spent his tenure as governor stoking MAGA culture wars. He signed laws that could make it easier for criminals to carry guns, to ban books in classrooms, and to rip away women’s reproductive freedom,” said Deputy House Democratic Leader Alexis Simpson. “Just like every other 2024 Republican, DeSantis’ MAGA agenda has no place in New Hampshire.”

Watch full remarks from today’s press call here.


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