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Nearly Four Years Later Granite Staters Are Still Waiting On Trump’s Promised Infrastructure Funding

“As a candidate, Donald Trump promised to fix our crumbling infrastructure,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley. “Democrats in Congress have prioritized infrastructure investments but, as president, Trump has refused to work with them, and has failed to get the job done. More than ever, Granite Staters deserve a leader we can count on to deliver the resources we need to survive this crisis and build back better. We saw through Trump’s empty promises in 2016, and we know we can’t afford four more years of his incompetence. That’s why New Hampshire will put an end to this failed presidency in November, and it’s why we’re sending Joe Biden to the White House.”


Promise: “We have bridges that are falling down [..] We're going to have to rebuild our infrastructure. We have no choice." [Fox Business Interview, 8/2/2016 Reality: After nearly four years in office, Trump has still failed to work with Democrats in Congress to pass the infrastructure funding we desperately need. His repeated broken promises have even become “a running joke in Washington.”

  • Boston Globe: “Infrastructure Week doesn’t have to be a punch line. But for the Trump White House, a sweeping new infrastructure plan is notoriously always just around the corner. The administration’s long-deferred plan to fix America’s roads, bridges, and airports has become a running joke in Washington, emblematic of the administration’s bumbling approach to governing.”

  • NPR: “Since President Trump Came Into Office, It Sometimes Feels Like Every Other Week Is Infrastructure Week.”

  • Politico: “How Infrastructure Week Became A Punchline.”



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