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MUST WATCH: Chuck Morse and Kevin Smith Clash in Nasty Newsmax Debate

The big moment in the nasty Newsmax debate? GOP insiders’ favorites Chuck Morse and Kevin Smith tearing each other to shreds. First, Kevin Smith slammed Morse as a rubber stamp for… Maggie Hassan in the State Senate. Then, Chuck Morse hit back by calling out Smith for missing 61 percent of his votes when he was in the State House. The two kept going after each other for a few more very mean, very awkward minutes. Watch the very, very nasty exchange here:

ROUGH TRANSCRIPT: Kevin Smith: But I got to bring something else up, too, because, Chuck, you know, Bill Parcells says you are what your record says you are. And the reality is, when you were Senate president and she was governor, you voted for 99% of the bills that Maggie Hassan signed into law. And in fact, you voted three times to expand Obamacare here in the state of New Hampshire. And Chuck, I'm sorry. That is not holding the line. That is toeing the line for Maggie Hassan. [...] Chuck Morse: Well, Kevin, let's be clear about this. I mean, you served in the legislature and you probably don't understand it because you miss 61% of the votes. But there's a reality here. Republicans are the ones that pass legislation and put it on Maggie Hassan's desk. Much like that budget I put on Maggie Hassan desk and Maggie Hassan had to decide whether she was going to adopt our policies or not. And that's what happened during that time period. [...] Kevin Smith: Yeah. Well, you notice one, he didn't deny any of his record that I pointed out there with with regard to my time in the legislature. Very proud of my record. I made 99% of the votes in the first year. The second year again, I was 19 years old. I was going to school full time at nights, working a full time job. And my job situation changed. But you know what? I worked day and night holidays, weekends for the people of the town of Londonderry as town manager, and also when I was at the Pease Development Authority. You can ask any of the developers, the stakeholders, anyone I worked with, I was always there for, and I'll be for them. All right. State Senate.


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