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Missing Morse Skips Fiscal Committee Meeting, His Latest Absence from Official Senate Business

While Senate President Chuck Morse is campaigning for a job in the United States Senate, he isn’t even bothering to show up for the job he has.

Morse missed Friday’s Joint Fiscal Committee Meeting. Evidently, serving Granite Staters by doing the job he was elected to do is no longer worth Morse’s time.

And this is not the first time Morse has been absent from official Senate business.

Since launching his campaign for Senate, Morse has skipped two Joint Fiscal Committee meetings, a State Senate Finance Committee Executive Session, and a Joint economic briefing with the House Finance Committee and House and Senate Ways and Means Committees. By missing meetings to focus on his campaign, Morse is showing he’s more interested in advancing himself than serving the people of New Hampshire.

“By skipping work to focus on his campaign, Chuck Morse has put his political ambitions ahead of serving Granite Staters,” said NHDP spokesperson Gates MacPherson. “Granite Staters deserve leaders who put their needs first — and they deserve answers from Missing Morse on why he thinks his job isn’t worth his time.”

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