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MEMO: Maneval Outperforms in Cheshire-9 Special, Carrying Seat by 30 Points

OVERVIEW: Last night, Andrew Maneval decisively won in the Cheshire 9 special election, doubling President Biden’s margin victory margin and resulting in the third straight special election victory for New Hampshire Democrats.

Following the results, FiveThirtyEight Elections Reporter Nathanial Rakich said, “Democrats have overperformed by an average of 9 points in NH special elections this year. There's been a backlash to the very active GOP trifecta there; Sununu's approval ratings have taken a hit too.”

By electing Maneval, voters once again rejected Chris Sununu and the NH GOP’s anti-choice, anti-public health agenda -- an agenda that’s completely out of step with New Hampshire.

While Sununu and the NH GOP continue to fully embrace conspiracy theorists and unpopular policies like mandatory ultrasounds and an abortion ban, New Hampshire voters are holding them accountable and standing up for New Hampshire values by electing responsible, Democratic leaders to the State House like Representative-Elect Andrew Maneval, Representative Catherine Rombeau, and Representative Muriel Hall.

In a 3rd Consecutive Special Election Win Democrats Outperformed 2020 Presidential Results by Nearly 7%.

In 2020 President Joe Biden 58% of the vote in Cheshire-9 -- Andrew Maneval won 65% of the vote, outperforming Biden by 7%. Showing that Granite Staters are enthusiastic about electing Democrats and soundly rejecting Chris Sununu and the NH GOP’s agenda.

Maneval’s Victory is Another Decisive Rejection of Chris Sununu and the NH GOP’s Unpopular Agenda

For the third consecutive special election, Granite Staters rejected Sununu and the NH GOP’s disastrous agenda — especially Sununu’s anti-choice budget which includes an abortion ban and mandatory ultrasounds.

Maneval Win Continues Momentum from Representative Rombeau and Representative Hall’s Victories

Andrew Maneval’s victory follows a pattern of Democrats outperforming in NH House Special Elections.

The Democratic Coalition Was United in Supporting Representative-Elect Manaval

Democrats and unions united to show support for Representative-Elect Maneval. He was endorsed by the NEA, AFT, and AFL-CIO. The federal delegation -- including Senator Shaheen, Senator Hassan, Congresswoman Kuster, and Congressman Pappas, also supported Maneval along with State Senator Jay Kahn, and Executive Councilor Cinde Warmington.

Maneval’s strong grassroots operation knocked on thousands of doors -- showing that Democratic ground game continues to be “firing on all cylinders.”

KEY TAKEAWAYS: New Hampshire Democrats are building an unparalleled ground game and building momentum going into 2022.

  • In a 3rd consecutive special election win, New Hampshire Democrats outperformed 2020 President Biden’s strong victory by nearly 7%, sending a strong message that they disapprove of Chris Sununu and the NH GOP.

  • These consistent, consecutive, special election wins show that Granite Staters are decisively rejecting Chris Sununu and the NH GOP’s anti-choice, anti-public health-- an agenda that’s completely out of step with New Hampshire.

  • The NHDP and the DVCC are working with strong candidates, dedicated to their communities like Andrew Maneval -- who served on the Select Board, Planning Board, Zoning Board, as Emergency Management Director, on the Fire Department, and with local nonprofits.

  • The past three special elections have shown that Democratic candidates are winning big from traditional Republican districts to swing communities to rural districts throughout the Granite State.


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