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MEMO: Another Long List of Democratic Victories Following Snow-Delayed Town Meeting Day Elections

From: New Hampshire Democratic Party To: Interested Parties

Contact: Monica Venzke

OVERVIEW: In both a State House special election primary and Town Meeting Day elections across the state, Democrats were victorious and far-right extremism was defeated — once again showing that Democratic momentum at every level is building all over the state. Yesterday was yet another phenomenal day to be a Granite State Democrat.

Democrats made major gains in “red” towns all over the state.

  • Republican Gary Daniels, who was handily defeated by Sen. Shannon Chandley last year, also lost his race for Milford School Board — a seat he previously held for many years. He was defeated by Democrats Amy Clark Canty and Judy Zaino.

  • In Nottingham, Democrats swept the Select Board and three-year Budget Committee races. Democrats also swept the School Board in Brookline.

  • In the traditionally Republican stronghold of Bedford, strong local leaders took both a Town Council and a School Board seat.

Even more extreme Free State Republicans and their warrant articles were defeated — including the founder of the movement himself.

  • Jason Sorens, founder of the Republican extremist group “the Free State Project,” lost his bid for Amherst Planning Board by a staggering margin.

  • In all six towns with warrant articles on the ballot to combat the NH GOP’s book banning legislation — Brookfield, Effingham, New Durham, Ossipee, Tuftonboro, and Wolfeboro — Granite Staters overwhelmingly voted to block the book banning efforts.

  • In Brookline, warrant articles that attacked the school budget were shot down, while in Milford, a warrant article to start an energy co-op as a check on Eversource passed with almost 70% of the vote.

  • This follows the Town Meeting Day losses of Jody Underwood, Free Stater and "mastermind" behind the Republican attempt to defund Croydon's public school budget, Jonathan Smith, the Free State Republican state representative in Ossipee running for Board of Selectmen, and Michael Layon running for School Board in Derry earlier this month.

Democrat Marc Plamondon received more votes than both Republican primary opponents combined in Nashua despite running an uncontested race.

  • Despite being in an uncontested primary, Marc Plamondon, now the Democratic nominee for state representative in Nashua Ward 4, received almost double the amount of votes of both of his Republican opponents combined.

These wins are the latest in a series of recent Democratic victories. Just this year, Granite State Democrats have been making headlines for their historic wins.

  • Last month, Rep. Chuck Grassie was re-elected in a special election following a tie in November of last year. He outperformed Democratic performance in the 2022 and 2020 elections. Over a third of the ward’s registered voters turned out for this special election, which is an incredible turnout for a State House special election.

  • This follows the huge victories in last year’s midterm elections, where despite predictions that suggested these would be extremely tight races, Senator Maggie Hassan, Congresswoman Kuster, and Congressman Pappas all won their reelection bids by staggering margins.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Yet again, Granite Staters used their votes to reject the NH GOP and their extremist ideals. New Hampshire voters aren’t buying what the NH GOP is selling, and going into the rest of local elections this year, it’s clear that Granite State Democrats are poised to continue to win big this year and far beyond. Results are still arriving from across the state but all indications point toward a really bad night for Trump style Republicans.


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