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MAGA No More? Mowers Lining Up Trump Opponents in NH-01

CONCORD, NH – As Donald Trump prepares to launch his campaign for President, Matt Mowers continues to line up support from his potential primary challengers. Today, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is the latest likely Trump opponent Mowers has applauded and welcomed to his campaign.

Mowers backers jockeying to block Trump’s return to the White House also include former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and Mowers’ former boss and outspoken Trump critic Chris Christie.

In response to Mowers’s new endorsement, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement: “That sound you’re hearing are New Hampshire Trump voters dropping Mowers the way he’s dropping Donald Trump in favor of anti-Trump, anti-MAGA establishment hacks in the hopes they will bail out his flailing campaign. From Chris Christie, to Nikki Haley, and now Mike Pompeo, Mowers’ parade of future Donald Trump primary opponents can’t be helping his already serious struggles with Republican primary voters. And as Karoline Leavitt is surging among the MAGA crowd, Mowers even had to bail out his own campaign with a $100,000 loan. Good luck trying to claim the MAGA crown while celebrating the endorsements of people determined to close the door on Trump. Poor Matt is trying to have it both ways and New Hampshire GOP primary voters just aren’t buying it.”


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