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MAGA MELTDOWN: Bannon Boosts Bolduc While Lewandowski Fights Back

Steve Bannon: “There's one MAGA candidate, it's Don Bolduc, and MAGA is on the rise.”

There’s a lot of turbulence in Trump World now that former Trump advisor Steve Bannon has thrown his support behind Don Bolduc, who disgraced Trump advisor Corey Lewandowski says won’t get Trump’s endorsement. During an interview last week on his show, Steve Bannon's War Room, Bannon said that “there's one MAGA candidate, it's Don Bolduc, and MAGA is on the rise.” He also criticized “the Sununu dynasty” and said New Hampshire “is Wyoming of New England. Bannon then went on to boost Bolduc’s campaign, urging him to give out his Facebook because Bannon wants “everybody to go and be able to participate. If you can't give money, if you can't get a donation, there's always work to do.” Bannon’s full-throated support of Bolduc comes just days after Lewandowski told the host of Good Morning NH, Jack Heath, that while Trump will make an endorsement, it won’t be Bolduc. Regardless of who gets the coveted Trump endorsement, Trump’s involvement in the race will likely fracture an already deeply divided New Hampshire Republican Party.


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