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LGBTQ Nation: Three anti-LGBTQ candidates are trying to get the GOP nod for NH’s Senate seat

In case you missed it, LGBTQ Nation wrote about how NH GOP Senate candidates Chuck Morse, Kevin Smith, and Don Bolduc “are distinguished primarily for their anti-LGBTQ records” that are out of step with Granite State values. Chuck Morse “voted four times” to oppose a bipartisan ban on the use of conversion therapy on minors and “voted against lifting the ban on same-sex parents adopting or becoming foster parents.” As the executive director of the anti-LGBTQ organization Cornerstone, Kevin Smith “promoted many of the harmful and hateful policies you’d expect, including conversion therapy” and “led the effort” to repeal marriage equality. Finally, in 2020 Don Bolduc “ran a homophobic ad complaining about ‘liberal, socialist pansies.’”

Key Excerpts:

Read the full story from LGBTQ Nation here.


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