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In Scramble to Get Big Oil’s Money, NH GOP Candidates Come Out Against Lowering the Cost of Gas

Nothing gets the Republican Senate candidates scrambling like the chance for a check from Big Oil.

Upon hearing the news that Senator Hassan is leading the push to lower gas prices for Granite Staters by suspending the gas tax for the rest of the year, the NH Republican Senate campaigns went into a frenzy to prove their loyalty to Big Oil.

Chuck Morse immediately tweeted his opposition to lowering gas prices, and his campaign manager also took to Twitter to oppose the tax holiday that would reduce costs for Granite Staters.

Not to be outdone, Kevin Smith pulled over to the nearest gas station in Londonderry, threw on a suit, and filmed himself urging Congress to oppose the tax holiday that will lower costs for Granite Staters. As if that wasn’t enough, Smith’s top political advisor spent the rest of the day caught up in a full fledged Twitter war defending his candidates’ allegiance to Big Oil and support for higher gas prices for Granite Staters.

Morse and Smith’s lockstep opposition to suspending the gas tax is the latest proof that they would be reliable votes for the Mitch McConnell corporate special interests agenda that helps Big Oil at the expense of lowering costs for Granite Staters. With their mad-dash scramble to prove their bona fides in advancing corporate special interests, the Republican Senate candidates have shown just how desperate they are to get the blessing of Big Oil — and get all the Big Oil campaign cash that comes with that, no matter the cost to Granite Staters at the pump.


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