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In Latest Political Stunt, Sununu Opposes Public Health Measures to Score Points With Anti-Vaxxers

CONCORD -- Today, Governor Chris Sununu held a politically motivated press conference opposing President Biden’s vaccination and testing requirements for businesses, days after his Attorney General recently signed onto a partisan lawsuit against the requirements. In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement: “This press conference is nothing more than a political stunt by Chris Sununu who is testing out his anti-public health talking points before announcing his run for U.S. Senate. New Hampshire saw more COVID-19 deaths last week than we have had since February, but instead of addressing the pandemic, Sununu is trying to score political points with far right anti-vaxxers by opposing proven strategies to get this pandemic under control. The Governor should be out there talking about what he will do to fix our lagging vaccination rate — instead of playing politics with public health.”



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