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ICYMI: Trusted NH science columnist warns readers of point of no return if Republicans win midterms

In case you missed it, the Concord Monitor published a column over the weekend from science and technology columnist, David Brooks, also known as the Granite Geek.

Typically a column reserved for commentary on topics like electric vehicles and rural broadband, Brooks column this week warned readers of the United States reaching a point of no return if anti-democracy Republicans are elected in this year’s midterms.

Key Excerpts:

  • If Republicans do well in this midterm election, American democracy will be a ratchet that has been turned past a certain point. We will never be able to go back and have another free and fair election.

  • In recent years the Republican party has stopped trying to tweak the system and has worked to dismantle it, first quietly and now openly.

  • We’ve seen years of making it harder to vote in ways that aim at groups least likely to vote Republican – only the most gullible of camp followers believe this is designed to uphold “election integrity” – and the increasingly violent insistence that the only elections which count are those the GOP wins.

  • As a person who has spent his entire adult life avoiding politics, which isn’t easy in a career where politics is topic No. 1, it pains me to delve into this. But we aren’t really discussing “politics” here. This is something deeper and worse.

  • Here in New Hampshire we can’t do much about election deniers taking office in other states but we can at least throw the bums out of our town halls. If we don’t do it now, we’ll never get another chance


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