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ICYMI: Trump Shirked NH Law Enforcement While Taxpayers Footed the Bill

CONCORD, NH — In case you missed it, a new report revealed that Donald Trump neglected to pay law enforcement officers from his June rally in Concord, who keep him and our communities safe — while New Hampshire taxpayers footed the bill.

RawStory: New Hampshire town eats Trump security bills while Haley pays local police

  • Nine members of the Concord Police Department and four members of the Concord Fire Department supported Trump’s visit to Concord on June 27 for the New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women’s Lilac Luncheon, according to payroll documents that Raw Story obtained through a New Hampshire Right to Know law request. The total cost: $3,778.85.

  • Even if he wasn’t billed, Trump could have voluntarily paid the costs for his visit to the town with less than 45,000 residents according to a 2022 estimate from the U.S. Census. But not doing so is in character for Trump, whose presidential campaign has racked up five- and six-figure public safety bills in cities across the country.

  • But Trump, in particular, is known for avoiding paying for public safety costs related to his speaking engagements, despite fashioning himself as a “law and order” candidate who considers police officers “heroes”.

  • Even after municipal governments have either threatened or even taken legal action to compel Trump to help defray unexpected police, fire and traffic control costs prompted by his signature MAGA campaign rallies, Trump’s campaign has refused to pay.


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