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ICYMI: Tom Sherman Has Been Delivering Results His Entire Career

In case you missed it, NHPR did a deep dive on Dr. Tom Sherman, State Senator and Democratic candidate for governor, and his record of delivering for Granite Staters.

Read or listen to the full story here.

Key Excerpts:

  • “Tom Sherman played a lead role in writing the plan that House lawmakers first passed back in 2013 and in negotiating with the then Republican-led state Senate when Medicaid expansion, which put people of low income on private insurance plans as part of so-called Obamacare, ultimately became law… So, I think it’s fair to say Sherman played a role in brokering a bipartisan deal on Medicaid expansion.”

  • “Sherman has pushed insurers on mental health parity issues since being in office. He’s also pushed to foster the expansion of telemedicine in New Hampshire, and he’s worked to get hospitals to increase the number of mental health beds in the state and also to try to boost mobile crisis units to address the emergency room crowding issue the state has and does continue to face.”

  • “So, Sen. Sherman has definitely followed through on priorities he laid out when he first joined the Legislature… And along the way, I think he showed he could work with Republicans in many cases to advance policies people could agree on.”

  • “A noteworthy example of this is when lawmakers were debating the ultrasound mandate that was part of the 24-week limit on abortion enacted back in 2021. Sherman, in a move forbidden by Senate rules, went so far as to brandish an ultrasound wand during the floor debate in front of his fellow senators. Here’s what he said in that moment: ‘Let me just be clear about what we're talking about. This is the probe. Gentlemen, look at this. If you have daughters, you have wives. This is the probe that's medically used for this purpose. Now you know what you're voting on.’”

  • “On those issues, I think people can say he's shown a capacity to be effective in advancing his point of view, even when that requires reaching across the aisle.”


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