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ICYMI - Seacoast Current: McConnell-Sununu Exposed Statewide Tour Stops in Dover, NH

By Kimberley Haas

Key Excerpts:

The McConnell-Sununu Exposed statewide tour stopped in Dover on Thursday afternoon and local leaders from the Democratic party expressed their concerns about the fact that the governor is being wooed to run for U.S. Senate next year.

Gov. Chris Sununu has not announced a run against U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-NH, but national leadership in the Republican party is putting pressure on him to run against her so they can take back control of the Senate in 2023. In Dover on Thursday, the chair of the Strafford County Democrats said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has done everything he can to push Sununu to enter the race [...]

State Sen. David Watters, D-Dover, said Sununu has repeatedly and vocally supported McConnell's policy agenda.

"Throughout his entire tenure as Governor, Sununu has been a loyal ally of the McConnell agenda. Time and again, he has put the McConnell agenda ahead of the interests of Granite Staters. That is why McConnell wants him at his side in the Senate," Watters said.

Watters said that over the past five years, Sununu has supported McConnell’s efforts to raise taxes on middle-class families and take away access to health care.

Local activist Luz Bay talked about McConnell and Sununu's positions on women's rights to make their own health care decisions.

"In June, Sununu pushed through a budget that would ban abortion without exceptions for rape, incest, or fatal fetal anomaly and will threaten basic health care — including cancer screenings and STD testing — for Granite Staters. As a three-time breast cancer survivor, this one is particularly personal to me," Bay said.

Political spectators say Sununu's decision to pass the $13.5 billion two-year state budget with the Fetal Life Protection Act could be problematic if he does decide to run against Hassan.

On July 1, Democratic leaders gathered in Portsmouth to hold a press conference where they discussed what they called Sununu's "extreme, anti-choice budget."

Read the entire article at The Seacoast Current.


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