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ICYMI: NHDP Chair Buckley, State Rep. Newell Blast Donald Trump’s Broken Promises in New Hampshire

CONCORD, NH — In case you missed it, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley and state Representative Jodi K. Newell held a press call on Donald Trump’s broken promises in New Hampshire ahead of his rally. Speakers blasted Trump’s MAGA agenda and extreme record that failed Granite Staters time and time again.

Read highlights from yesterday’s coverage below:

Manchester InkLink: Democrats attack GOP Presidential Candidates returning to NH

  • On Monday morning, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley and State Representative Jodi Newell (D-Keene) held a virtual press conference to address the return of several Republican Presidential Candidates to the Granite State this week, stating that their words on the campaign trail are hollow and their actions have been harmful to New Hampshire residents.

  • Buckley attacked former U.S. President Donald Trump on healthcare costs, stating that 320,000 people in New Hampshire that rely on regular medication did not matter to Trump. He also attacked Trump on job creation, saying that policies proposed by Trump encouraged corporations to send jobs overseas and gave tax cuts to the rich that were paid for by middle class families.

  • “Trump’s MAGA failures are the blueprint for every Republican running for President,” he said. “Whether it’s Niki Haley or Ron DeSantis or Vivek Ramaswamy or anyone else, according to Granite Staters, they’re all cut from the same extreme cloth.”

  • Newell also attacked Trump on healthcare policies, such as what she saw as his lack of action on addressing the opioid crisis and his attempts to slash funding for substance abuse and mental health services, particularly cutting the Office of National Drug Control Policy budget by 95 percent.

  • “Trump used the presidency to get rid of key programs our state relies on to tackle the opioid crisis, and that’s why New Hampshire families rejected Donald Trump in 2020 and helped send Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House,” said Newell.

Union Leader: Trump projects bellicose message during NH rally

  • But state Rep. Jodi Newell, D-Keene, said Trump did not do enough to curb overdose deaths.

  • “He said the opioid crisis was a health emergency but did nothing to take serious action. And, as opioid deaths rose, he failed to declare the crisis a national emergency, which would have urgently allocated the funding needed to actually address the crisis,” Newell told reporters during a conference call after the speech with New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley.

  • “Trump spoke to Granite Staters about how dangerous the epidemic is to gain our votes, but they were nothing more than empty promises.”

WMUR: Long lines as Trump supporters seek to attend rally in Wolfeboro

  • Trump is leading in the New Hampshire Republican primary, but Granite State Democrats blasted Trump for what they call his broken promises to New Hampshire, specifically, failing to cut taxes for the middle class and not addressing the opioid crisis.

  • "Granite Staters see Trump and the rest of the 2024 MAGA field for exactly what they are: extremists who make empty promises to get votes and then leave us out to dry," New Hampshire Democratic Party chairman Ray Buckley said. "We will reject every single one of them in 2024."


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