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ICYMI: New WMUR Report Reinforces Need for Independent Review of State Veterans Home Outbreak

Concord, N.H. – A new WMUR report on the state’s response to the outbreak at the Veterans Home that killed 37 veterans reinforced the need for an independent review of what went wrong.

According to the latest from WMUR, state officials are now seeking to revise the sham “report” that Sununu released last month, after the Governor came under fire for withholding information about the state’s response to the outbreak.

But the states’ new claims fly in the face of the established record. The state is now claiming that issues raised in a December VA report on the outbreak – a report which Sununu tried to withhold – were addressed “almost immediately.”

Yet as WMUR previously reported, three major issues raised in the December VA report – testing delays, a lack of staff compliance with infection control practices, and improper mask wearing – still hadn’t been addressed in March according to Sununu’s own “report.”



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