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ICYMI: New Hampshire Union Leader Op-Ed: Blaine Hanson: Biden is the champion NH workers need

CONCORD, NH — In case you missed it, the New Hampshire Union Leader published an op-ed from union carpenter Blaine Hanson this Labor Day weekend. Hanson highlighted how President Joe Biden has been a champion for working Granite Staters, while MAGA Republicans are running for president on anti-worker agendas.

Read on for highlights from Blaine Hanson’s op-ed.

Union Leader: Blaine Hanson: Biden is the champion NH workers need

  • With historic investments that will create good-paying jobs in New Hampshire, and landmark legislation to lower costs, President Biden has made helping working families a priority in his first term. Granite State residents are already feeling the benefits of President Biden’s actions.

  • I’ve seen firsthand how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has invested in fixing up New Hampshire’s bridges, roads, ports, and waterways, creating thousands of jobs in the process.

  • One of the biggest wins that President Biden has delivered for working Granite Staters was just announced this week. Thanks to provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act, Medicare will be able to negotiate lower prescription drug costs, so many families will see the costs of their prescription drugs reduced. That’s a huge blow to Big Pharma — and a huge win for us working people.

  • On top of that, President Biden has fought to empower unions because he believes in the power of organizing and collective bargaining. It’s refreshing to have a president who not only supports unions, but actively works to strengthen them.

  • Meanwhile, MAGA Republicans have worked to rig the economy for the ultra-wealthy and line the pockets of big corporations at every turn. Working families have no place in their vision for New Hampshire.

  • Just look at Donald Trump, who vowed on the campaign trail that he’d bring manufacturing jobs back to New Hampshire. Instead, he created new incentives to ship those good manufacturing jobs overseas and passed tax cuts for the rich. He also pledged to sign a national “right-to-work” law if given the chance.

  • Every single Republican running for president stands against the progress we’ve seen under the Biden administration. Candidates like Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, Tim Scott, and Nikki Haley want to roll back crucial provisions in the IRA. Mike Pence called price caps on prescription drugs a “policy failure.” Chris Christie and Ron DeSantis damaged their respective states’ economies as governor and will no doubt do the same to New Hampshire if elected president. And some 2024 GOP candidates have opposed collective bargaining legislation.

  • The stakes are high in 2024. We have a choice between President Biden — who has fought tooth and nail for American workers — and a slate of anti-worker GOP contenders who have spent their entire careers undermining the labor movement.

  • President Biden has truly been the most pro-union president in American history.


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