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ICYMI: Mayor Dana Hilliard and Scott Ringer Discuss Chris’s Chaos in Laconia

In case you missed it, Mayor Dana Hilliard, Democratic candidate for Executive Council District 1, and Laconia Democratic Committee Chair Scott Ringer gathered in Laconia for a press conference to discuss the devastating effects of Governor Sununu’s administration on our public schools.

Read key excerpts here:

Scott Ringer

“Having a generation of quality teachers leaving New Hampshire out of fear because of Sununu and his administration’s horrendous attacks, is absolutely criminal, and is going to have a lasting negative impact on this state… Granite State children cannot afford another term of Sununu. We need a governor, and Executive Councilors, who are going to prioritize Granite State students.”

Mayor Dana Hilliard

“From supporting a harmful school voucher scheme that drives up our property taxes and diverts public funds to private schools, to aligning himself with far-right groups that support placing bounties on teachers, Edelblut has done nothing but harm Granite State students and teachers.”

“Commissioner Edelblut has also worked closely with groups like Moms for Liberty, which started a bounty program against teachers, and with the Free Staters, who are responsible for the really catastrophic defunding of the Croydon school district earlier this year, as well as the closure of Gunstock. Someone like that has no business being in a position of power in our schools. Granite State students and teachers deserve so much better.”


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