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ICYMI: Kayla Montgomery: Planned Parenthood Is Not Backing Down

In case you missed it, in an op-ed published in the Union Leader, Planned Parenthood of New Hampshire Action Fund’s VP of Public Affairs Kayla Montgomery called out extreme Republican attacks on abortion ahead of the one-year anniversary of conservative Supreme Court justices overturning Roe v. Wade. Montgomery highlighted how New Hampshire Republicans have failed to protect reproductive freedom in the aftermath of Roe being overturned — even though the decision is already having devastating effects on people across the country — and reaffirmed Planned Parenthood’s commitment to fighting for abortion access. Read the full op-ed here.

Key Excerpts:

  • When Roe fell, anti-abortion politicians said the decision now “appropriately” belonged to the states. Just this month, Governor Chris Sununu — who signed our state’s first abortion ban in modern history into law — noted, “Dobbs said states can make their choices, so they’re going to. And that’s a good thing. If the voters don’t like the choice in South Carolina, they’re going to fire their governor and legislature.”

  • The Supreme Court stripped people of their right to make personal medical decisions, left patients across the country desperate, confused, and fearful, and forced doctors to prioritize politics over medicine — putting the full range of reproductive health care at risk. [...] Multiple court cases across the country represent attempts at national abortion restrictions, so no state is safe — not even New Hampshire.

  • And presidential hopefuls are flooding our first-in-the-nation primary state right now making clear their intentions regarding reproductive rights. Many candidates running to lead our country — including Mike Pence, Asa Hutchinson and Tim Scott — have said that if elected president, they would sign a nationwide abortion ban.

  • Ron DeSantis and Doug Burgum have already signed near total abortion bans in their states. Others — like Nikki Haley, Chris Christie and Donald Trump — may try to dodge the question, but the bottom line is that our fundamental rights are already determined by our state — even our zip code — and the further erosion of our rights now hinge on each election.

  • Despite some legislative progress, New Hampshire remains the only state in New England without proactive protections for abortion rights in our state law or constitution. This year, the state Senate majority thwarted bipartisan legislation to add abortion rights to state law.

  • Governor Chris Sununu has refused to take a single action to protect reproductive freedom — even as a Texas judge threatens access to medication abortion nationwide, including in New Hampshire.


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