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ICYMI: Chuck Morse's Campaign Also Unveiled an Endorsement From a Big Pharma Front Group

In case you missed it, Chuck Morse’s campaign also unveiled another announcement today… and it was an endorsement from a BigPharmafront group” that has pushed plans to end Social Security and Medicare and to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

According to HuffPost, “One of the GOP’s go-to deflection tactics” is “touting the approval of the 60 Plus Association, a conservative astroturf group that supported then-President George W. Bush’s Social Security privatization effort in 2005.” That plan would have cut Social Security benefits for 70% of taxpayers and even put benefits for current retirees at risk.

“By bragging about receiving support from a Big Pharma front group that wants to end Social Security and Medicare, Morse is making it crystal clear that he would be a shill for Big Pharma and a vote to end Social Security if he were in the U.S. Senate,” said NHDP spokesperson Gates MacPherson.

Chuck Morse has a long record of siding with Big Pharma at Granite Staters’ expense.

In a radio interview with WKBK’s Dan Mitchell, Morse announced that he opposes capping the incredibly high cost of insulin at $35 and made clear he would have sided with Mitch McConnell and Big Pharma in stopping a measure to cap insulin prices in. Morse has also said he would have sided with Big Pharma in voting against the Inflation Reduction Act, which will lower drug costs by allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices and cap prescription drug costs for Medicare patients. In the State Senate, Chuck Morse pushed a plan that could allow New Hampshire to cut benefits and raise the retirement age for Medicare patients.


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