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ICYMI: Chris Sununu’s Chaos Tour Stops on the Seacoast

HAMPTON, NH — This weekend, volunteers from all over the Granite State were knocking doors and talking to voters about the issues that matter to them. The overwhelming consensus? Granite Staters want a new governor that is going to stand up for Granite State values and fight for our right to choose.

Representative Debra Altschiller (D-Stratham), the next State Senator in District 24, has been on the ground day in and day out, knocking on doors and connecting with Granite State voters.

"In my district and all over the state, voters are fed up with Chris Sununu and the chaos he's caused. Granite Staters want and deserve leaders who are going to stand up for their reproductive rights,” said Rep. Debra Altschiller. “While he's out traveling the country campaigning for anti-choice extremists and trying to build his national profile, we're here on the ground. We're meeting voters where they are and listening to the issues that matter to them."


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