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ICYMI: Chris Sununu’s Chaos Tour Stops in Nashua

In case you missed, Representative Kat McGhee, Senator Melanie Levesque, and Alderwoman Shoshanna Kelly, candidate for Executive Council District 5, gathered in Nashua to discuss Governor Sununu’s skyrocketing energy prices and the devastating effects his failure has had on Granite Staters.

Watch the recording here. Read key excerpts below.

Rep. Kat McGhee: “Sununu has cut our investments in diverse energy sources, closed sustainable biomass plants, and backed away from policies that would encourage clean energy businesses to work in New Hampshire.

It’s clear that Governor Sununu cares more about serving the interests of large energy corporations over the people of New Hampshire.”

Senator Melanie Leveseque: “New Hampshire voters are receiving their energy bills this week and realizing one thing: it’s clear that Granite Staters cannot afford another term of Sununu.

We need to elect Democrats that have answers on how to address this crisis, not just pass the buck like Sununu.”

Alderwoman Shoshanna Kelly: “Sununu’s Executive Council has enabled him and his chaotic administration in undermining our clean energy initiatives that would’ve prevented this mess altogether. From signing New Hampshire's first abortion ban to blocking measures to expand energy sources and lower prices, it's clear Chris Sununu can't be trusted to stand up for Granite Staters.”


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