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ICYMI: 'Blood sacrifices to Molech': Meet the GOP's new nominee for a key swing seat

In case you missed it, the Daily Kos published a revealing profile of the Republican winner of the Rockingham 1 primary, Jim Guzofski ahead of the pivotal special election on September 19.

The article paints Guzofski as a radical conspiracy theorist who for years has preached an array of fictitious and extreme statements that attack the LGBTQ+ community, abortion rights, women, and many others.

Read the full article here. Key Excerpts:

  • “Why do you think they fight so hard to keep abortion? I mean, to a lunatic frenzy! Because they know blood sacrifices to their god Molech.” - Guzofski

  • ...he believes being gay is "against nature" because "you never see two male dogs going at it and having kids"? Or is it just that he thinks "the doctrine of demons has so permeated our society in establishing a perverted mindset"?

  • Republicans went into the midterms with freshly gerrymandered maps to buoy them, but in spite of everything, Democrats managed to pick up a dozen seats and whittle the GOP down to the smallest majority in state history.


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