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ICYMI: American Journal News: “Ayotte Took Job At Caterpillar After Tax Fraud Probe”

In case you missed it, American Journal News published an article detailing Kelly Ayotte’s history with Caterpillar Inc. where she oversaw the offshoring of 2,014 American jobs while making more than $2 million, which could lead to allegations of corruption.

The Granite Post also examined Ayotte's ties to Caterpillar Inc., highlighting that, as a legislator, Ayotte voted against multiple bills that sought to disincentivize offshoring.

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Former U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, who is now running for governor in New Hampshire, was on a senate committee that investigated the construction goods maker Caterpillar Inc. She later joined the company’s board. The transition could leave Ayotte vulnerable to accusations of corruption.[...] In 2014, PSI investigated Caterpillar Inc. The company was accused of transfering funds to a subsidiary in Switzerland to avoid paying U.S. taxes. The subcommittee ultimately found that Caterpillar Inc. avoided paying $2.4 billion in income taxes over 13 years. Ayotte was conspicuously tight-lipped during the bipartisan investigation. She did not attend a hearing on the subcommittee’s findings nor did her office put out a press release.

[...] Ayotte lost her bid for a second senate term in 2016 to current Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan. In August 2017, a few months after the raid, Ayotte joined the board of Caterpillar Inc. One of her stated duties was to advise on international trade.

[...] Between 2017 and 2022, Caterpillar Inc. paid Ayotte nearly $2 million. In that time, the company offshored more than 2,000 jobs.

As a legislator, Ayotte voted against multiple bills that sought to disincentivize offshoring. That includes opposing a 2012 bill that would’ve eliminated tax deductions for companies that ship jobs abroad.

[...] This aggressive pursuit of offshoring strategies occurred while Ayotte served as chair of the Sustainability and Other Public Policy Committee at the company, where she advised on trade policy and international trade negotiations — a committee that would have likely been involved in such policy.

In September 2011 Ayotte voted against renewing an aid and retraining program for workers who lost their jobs due to outsourcing, known as Trade Adjustment Assistance. She voted against the program again in 2015.

In July 2012 Ayotte played a pivotal role in killing a senate bill that would give tax breaks for companies that “insource” jobs to the U.S. from overseas while eliminating tax deductions for companies that move jobs abroad.

In April 2017 Caterpillar shut down a plant in Aurora, Illinois that employed 800, shifting a number of those jobs overseas.Similar actions were taken in other U.S. locations, including Victoria, Texas. 


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