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Hundreds of Granite Staters Protest Republicans’ Dangerous Legislation Targeting Trans Youth

In case you missed it, hundreds of supporters, advocates, and faith leaders showed up at the State House yesterday to oppose a number of dangerous Republican bills aimed at rolling back rights and protections for LGBTQ+ students and trans youth.

They were joined by representatives of a number of New Hampshire-based healthcare providers who are using their platforms to cement the importance of gender-affirming healthcare and denounce Republicans’ extreme, politically-motivated legislation.

  • State lawmakers across the country have been approving measures aimed at LGBTQ individuals, from bills targeting trans athletes and drag performers to measures limiting gender-affirming care. Republican lawmakers in more than two dozen states have pushed for bans on gender-affirming care this year, targeting what doctors and psychologists widely consider medically necessary.

  • Despite opposition from teachers, mental health professionals, and faith leaders, the Senate Education Committee voted 3-2, along party lines, to advance the bill with a recommendation that the full Senate pass the measure.

  • In New Hampshire, the legislation has drawn opposition from a broad coalition that includes the ACLU of New Hampshire, Waypoint Youth Services, the New Hampshire Council of Churches, health providers and others. New Hampshire’s child advocate, a state-appointed watchdog with broad oversight for child welfare, also testified against the parental bills of rights Tuesday.

  • A bill that would prohibit gender transition procedures for minors in New Hampshire along with other related bills brought more than 250 to the State House Tuesday with most saying that the bill is wrong and based on inaccurate information.

  • A large crowd turned out in opposition to several bills related to LGBTQ+ issues that were heard Tuesday, including legislation to prohibit gender-affirming care for children and restrict teaching about gender identity in schools.

  • Activists filled the state house on Tuesday for a public hearing of the New Hampshire House of Representatives Committee on Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs on HB 619, a bill that would prohibit gender transition procedures for minors.

  • The bill also modifies state law regarding the definition of conversion therapy, a controversial practice aimed at modifying one’s gender identity or sexual orientation, as something done against someone’s will.

  • Transgender legislators and residents, along with supportive human service and civil rights organizations, warned the bills could raise the suicide rate among young people who face anxiety, depression and self-harming over their sexuality.

  • Chris Erchull, attorney at GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD), said the parental rights bill and the ban on gender transition would fail in court because they subject transgender people to unequal rights.

  • “A small but vocal minority are cynically using fear to divide our communities — driving a wedge between parents, teachers, librarians, and health care professionals who should be working together to help kids grow up; challenging sound school policies that have been proven to support the learning and development of all students; and proposing more harmful legislation like these bills every year,” Erchull added.


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