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How Would the NH GOP Senate Candidates Vote on the Bipartisan Competition Bill Before the Senate?

The Senate is set to vote on a bipartisan competition bill this week, which will help the US outcompete countries like China, bolster our national security, support Granite State businesses, and lower costs for New Hampshire families. So far, none of the NH GOP Senate candidates have said whether or not they would vote for this bipartisan package if they were in the US Senate. Granite Staters deserve to know how they would vote if they were in the Senate. The competition bill will advance US manufacturing, help secure our supply chains, bring down the cost of everyday goods, invest in new technology development and innovation, and expand workforce training in cybersecurity. This bill will include critical funding to increase semiconductor manufacturing in the U.S., which will ensure that our country is a global leader in innovation and help us out-compete the rest of the world. This is a critically important bill for Granite Staters, and Chuck Morse, Kevin Smith, Don Bolduc, Vikram Mansharamani, and Bruce Fenton must say whether or not they support this legislation to protect our national security, lower costs, and help our country outcompete the world.


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