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HE’S BACK: Mitch McConnell Steps Up His Involvement in NH GOP Senate Primary, Name Checks Morse

Mitch McConnell just can’t help himself. If there’s a chance to buy New Hampshire’s Senate seat for his special interest backers — he’ll take it. The latest example that McConnell and his corporate special interest backers have their eyes set on New Hampshire? According to CNN, McConnell is now touting Chuck Morse in interviews with national reporters in what is the latest example of McConnell getting more involved in New Hampshire’s chaotic, “hot mess” of a Republican Senate primary. According to CNN’s report, “McConnell singled out another candidate, Chuck Morse, the state Senate president who plans to jump into the race to take on Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan in the fall,” saying, “We think New Hampshire is going to be much more receptive to Republicans as well, and we think we'll have a good candidate there.” McConnell now has tentacles in all three of the Republican Senate campaigns. Just yesterday, one of McConnell’s former staffers at the National Republican Senatorial Committee announced he was working for General Don Bolduc. And Kevin Smith took time away from his taxpayer-funded job to travel to meet with McConnell’s campaign arm and his top lieutenant, Senator Rick Scott. Even though the Senate primary just started, McConnell and his shady corporate special interests have spent months dumping millions of dollars in false attack ads into the state, and the interview is another indication that McConnell is keeping a tight grip on New Hampshire’s GOP Senate primary.



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