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NHDP Statement on Member of House Leadership Spreading Dangerous Conspiracy Theories

CONCORD, NH — Following a member of House Leadership spreading dangerous conspiracy theories about neo-nazi activity in New Hampshire, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“This weekend we saw very real and threatening neo-nazi activity against New Hampshire’s LGBTQ+ community by conservative-affiliated hate groups. One member of House leadership — Representative Leah Cushman — chose to use this event as an opportunity to spread dangerous lies about who these people were and what they were trying to accomplish.

“There is no space for equivocating or hand wringing on this: the language Representative Cushman used to spread these dangerous conspiracy theories is totally disqualifying and she should be removed from House leadership immediately.

“This behavior is emblematic of a deep and ongoing problem with Republicans in the legislature. In the last 24 hours alone we’ve had Cushman’s dangerous allegations, a Republican State Representative revealed to have used racist and bigoted slurs online, and a State Senator arrested for assault. Where is the accountability?”


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