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Granite Staters Elect More than 500 Democrats on Town Meeting Day

Despite the Unique Challenges Towns Faced Because of COVID-19, Hundreds of Democrats Were Elected on Tuesday

Concord, N.H. - Despite the many unique challenges of COVID-19, Granite State Democrats have already won over 500 seats across the state during Tuesday’s Town Meeting Day. Among these hundreds of victories was Amy Tremblay, a young mom of 3 and long-time public school teacher who won a position on the Hooksett School Board; former State Senator Jon Morgan, who proved once again his commitment to working for the people in his community with his election to the Brentwood Selectboard; and Nik Coates, son of a U.S. Navy veteran and an experienced town administrator who won a seat on the Campton Selectboard. Due to the continued concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, many local election officials delayed their Town Meeting Day to later in the year. Yet, despite fewer actual elections and opportunities for candidates to connect with voters one-on-one, Democrats made massive strides. NHDP Chair Ray Buckley has issued the following statement: “Congratulations to the hundreds of newly elected Democrats who are ready to get to work for their communities all across New Hampshire! In the last two years alone, we have elected nearly 2,000 Democrats in Town Meeting Days and other municipal elections. We are proud to have continued this tradition in 2021 by electing local leaders who share our values of supporting our Main Street businesses, fighting for our public schools, and creating welcoming communities for all. “Our staff has spent hundreds of hours working closely with dozens of candidates in preparation for Town Meeting Day -- and these victories show that our significant investment in grassroots organizing, dedicated candidate support, and local committee building are continuing to pay off. Democrats are winning because Granite Staters understand the need to elect leaders who live by our values and fight for the people in their communities. “As we continue to put in the work to mobilize and engage voters across New Hampshire, I’m confident that Democrats will be equally successful in our upcoming State House special elections, the November municipal elections, the 2022 general election, and beyond.” Learn about more of the hardworking Democrats that won local elections yesterday here.



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