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Granite Staters Deserve Better Than Trump’s Broken Promises To Working Parents

Following the release of Joe Biden’s caregiving plan today, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley released the following statement:

“As a candidate, Donald Trump promised to deliver quality child care for working families,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley. “Now, during an unprecedented health and economic crisis, he’s refusing to work with Congress to help New Hampshire families. Trump’s tax scam took money out of the pockets of working parents, and since the outbreak, his administration has only made it harder for Granite Staters to make a living while taking care of their kids. More than ever, we need a president who will put families first. We deserve better than four more years of broken promises. That’s why Granite Staters are mobilizing like never before, it’s why we’re going to bring this failed presidency to an end, and it’s why we’re sending Joe Biden to the White House.”


Promise: “Child care is such a big problem. We’re going to solve that problem. That means we need working mothers to be fairly compensated for their work and have access to affordable, quality child care for their kids. It’s what we’re doing.” [Trump Child Care Policy Speech, 9/13/16] Reality: Trump’s tax scam helped the wealthy at the expense of working parents, reducing the value of the child and dependent care tax credit for many working families while handing massive giveaways to billionaires and corporations.  Reality: Even after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trump administration scaled back paid leave requirements for employers, allowing many companies to decline to provide sick leave for child care. Some 17.7 million health care workers were excluded from emergency paid leave, 75% of whom are women. Reality: Trump’s family leave proposal “does not offer what has generally been considered paid family leave” and wouldn’t provide any new funding, instead forcing parents to “borrow from their future selves.” His proposal also wouldn’t cover care for sick family members or protect parents’ jobs while on leave.



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