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GOP Candidates Side With Mitch McConnell Over Lower Gas Prices for New Hampshire

When it comes to lowering gas prices, the Republican Senate candidates have all decided to side with Mitch McConnell — and against a gas tax holiday that will bring relief for New Hampshire families. Politico reported today that McConnell opposes Senator Hassan’s efforts to lower gas prices for Granite Staters by suspending the gas tax for the rest of the year, and will keep fighting to put money in the pockets of Big Oil at the expense of New Hampshire families. This comes just one week after Chuck Morse, Kevin Smith, and Don Bolduc went on Twitter and said they opposed the new plan to lower the cost of gas for Granite Staters. Smith’s top political advisor even started a Twitter fight trying to “double and triple and quadruple down” on Smith’s position which political pundits criticized as an example of how the Republican Party “has established their entire brand about just being against things, not being for things.” It’s just the latest sign that Kevin Smith, Chuck Morse, and Don Bolduc are completely aligned with McConnell’s corporate special interest agenda — and will side with McConnell even if it means Granite Staters will have to pay more at the pump.


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