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Gail Huff Brown Refuses to Say If She’d Vote for Mowers

As the NH01 GOP primary gets messier, Gail Huff Brown refused to say whether she’d vote for Mowers after calling him a fraud for voting twice in the 2016 Presidential election.

CONCORD, NH - During an interview on WGIR’s New Hampshire Today with Chris Ryan this morning, First District Republican candidate Gail Huff Brown would not answer the question when asked if she would vote for Matt Mowers in November if he wins the September 13 primary. This follows a fiery debate on Tuesday, which at one point devolved into a shouting match between Huff Brown and Mowers over Matt’s double voting scandal, with Gail repeatedly calling Matt a fraud. Matt took incoming fire from all of his opponents during the debate about his voting scandal, as well as attacks over his time as a political appointee for Donald Trump and his long losing record as a candidate.

Read the exchange below and listen here:

Gail Huff Brown: "The facts are that [Mowers] voted twice, and it disqualified him. Period."

Chris Ryan: "Would you vote for him if he was the nominee?"

*5-second pause*

Gail Huff Brown: “Wow, that’s a really difficult question. It’s hard to support somebody who, frankly, who has done something that I think is fraudulent. I’m not going to answer that.

In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“This is the biggest sign yet that the First District Republican primary is shaping up to be among the messiest, most divisive Republican primaries in the country. Tuesday’s debate was dominated by opponents hammering Mowers on everything from his New Jersey voter fraud scandal to his failed record as a candidate. That bad blood spilled over onto the radio this morning, with Gail Huff Brown being the first to refuse to say if she would support her party’s nominee if she loses.

While the Republicans continue to spend time and resources in a bruising primary fighting among themselves, Democrats are united and poised for victory in November when we will re-elect Chris Pappas for a third term and reject the failed policies and extreme rhetoric of Donald Trump’s acolytes.”

When the news broke about Mowers’ double voting scandal earlier this year, Huff Brown suggested that Mowers move back to New Jersey.

Huff Brown is the latest candidate in the race to suggest she would not accept the results of the 2022 primary. Karoline Leavitt does not believe Joe Biden won the 2020 election, and Tim Baxter said that until there is a full forensic audit, he cannot be sure the 2020 election was fair. Mowers has repeatedly said there were ‘irregularities’ in the 2020 election without naming any.”


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