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Foster’s Daily Democrat: Sununu challenged on late-term abortion ban for N.H., 'it is not my bill'

Governor Chris Sununu lashed out today against the medical community for opposing his abortion ban, bizarrely implying that doctors are “screaming” about it.

When asked about doctors’ opposition to the ban, Sununu falsely claimed that the abortion ban is similar to others on the books in Massachussetts — a blatant falsehood. Unlike Massachsusetts, Sununu’s abortion ban includes no exceptions for a fatal fetal anomaly and would force women to carry a pregnancy that she knows cannot survive. Sununu also claimed he had no power over the budget — even though he vetoedprevious budgets and just today successfully took out a budget provision limiting the Governor's powers in an emergency.

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Key Excerpts:

Speaking at a Tri-City chamber forum, Republican Gov. Chris Sununu was challenged Wednesday about his view on the inclusion of a late-term abortion ban in New Hampshire's two-year $13.5 billion budget.

Crystal Paradis, a Somersworth city councilor, asked about the ban on abortion after 24 weeks of pregnancy, which medical experts have said is dangerous.

“The ban has no allowances for rape, incest or fatal fetal anomaly," said Paradis. "It can mean up to seven years in prison for doctors. What do you say to the medical community who soundly oppose this?"

Sununu said he took exception to the question.

"First, it is not my bill," said Sununu. It is the Legislature's proposal. And 43 other states have similar clauses, including Massachusetts and New York, who have almost the exact same law. No one is screaming at them. Do you want me to scrap a $13 billion budget for this one item? I will not do that."

Sununu, who had already stated last week he wouldn't veto the budget over the abortion ban, said the provisions of the abortion ban are still in discussions.

Gates McPherson, spokesperson New Hampshire Democratic Party, responded to Sununu's comments by providing statements from the party challenging his comparison of the New Hampshire abortion ban provision in the budget to the laws in New York in Massachusetts.

“The truth is both Massachusetts and New York allow abortions after 24 weeks for the general health of a mother or the viability of the fetus, and do not require mandatory ultrasounds," the party's statement reads, adding the New Hampshire ban "would force women to carry a fetus that is not viable and mandates ultrasounds."


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