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For Second Day in a Row, Granite Staters’ Opposition to Governor Sununu’s Abortion Ban Is Front Page

For the second day in a row, Granite Staters’ opposition to Governor Chris Sununu’s abortion ban is front page news. This morning, Foster’s Daily Democrat ran a front page story about the Governor’s falsehood-filled response to a question about doctors’ opposition to his abortion ban. Read more: Foster’s Daily Democrat: Gov. Sununu challenged on late-term abortion ban for New Hampshire, 'it is not my bill' Sununu lashed out against the medical community for opposing his abortion ban, bizarrely implying that doctors are “screaming” about it, and then Sununu falsely claimed that the abortion ban is similar to others on the books in Massachusetts. Unlike Massachusetts, Sununu’s abortion ban includes no exceptions for a fatal fetal anomaly and would force women to carry a pregnancy that she knows cannot survive. Sununu also claimed he had no power over the budget — even though he vetoed a previous budget and just yesterday successfully got Republicans to remove a budget provision limiting the Governor's powers in an emergency.



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