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Following the SCOTUS’ Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade, NH Leaders Discuss NH GOP Attacks

Following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, New Hampshire leaders discussed how this decision could open the door for Mitch McConnell to pass a nationwide abortion ban if Chuck Morse, Don Bolduc, or Kevin Smith were in the US Senate and allow Republicans in New Hampshire to pass even stricter restrictions on abortion.

Read excerpts below and watch the press conference here.

NHDP Chair Ray Buckley: “It has never been more clear to the people of New Hampshire that reproductive rights are on the ballot in November. If they have the chance, the Republicans running for Senate would help Mitch McConnell ban abortion nationwide and punish women and doctors. The Republicans running for Congress would push extreme, anti-choice legislation in the US House. And Chris Sununu and New Hampshire Republicans would keep trying to pass more expansive abortion bans, restrict access to reproductive health care, and continue voting to defund Planned Parenthood.”

Executive Councilor Cinde Warmington: “The ability to access reproductive health care – including abortion care – allows women to plan, prevent, and space their pregnancies. Now, it is up to the state to protect these freedoms. Unfortunately, as we are all painfully aware, Republicans in the State House have engaged in relentless attacks on our right to choose – in direct contrast with the will of the people. New Hampshire is historically one of the most pro-choice states in the Union, yet we have a Governor and Executive Council who puts extreme partisan ideology ahead of the well-being of Granite Staters.”

Senate Democratic Leader Donna Soucy: “Republicans in New Hampshire have made it clear that they will continue to try to roll back reproductive rights and end access to abortion — even though New Hampshire is one of the most pro-choice states in the country and Granite Staters — regardless of political party – support a woman’s right to make her own health care choices. Despite these attacks on our reproductive rights, we will not stop fighting to defend women’s freedom. We cannot allow our daughters to grow up with fewer rights than we had. That is why we must continue working together to elect Democrats up and down the ticket who will never stop fighting for reproductive rights, and for women to be equal members of our society.”

DVCC Vice Chair Representative Alexis Simpson: “The future of abortion access depends on the next election and every election afterward. It will depend on who holds power in Concord. Just last year, New Hampshire Republicans pushed through the first abortion ban in modern state history. This year they refused to pass state-level protections for abortion access. They even tried to pass a Texas-style 6-week abortion ban. Make no mistake, if Republicans are able to hold on to their legislative majority, they will further restrict abortion rights. Granite Staters are clear - they overwhelmingly believe abortion should be safe, legal, and accessible.”

Ashley Marcoux, former president of the New Hampshire Young Democrats: “Now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe, we know that if Mitch McConnell and Republicans in Washington retake their Senate majority, then one of their first actions will be to ban abortion nationwide. The extreme, anti-choice records of Chuck Morse, Kevin Smith, and Don Bolduc leave no doubt that they would help Mitch McConnell in his pursuit of that end. No matter which of these Republican men emerge from the Republican Senate primary, they are the exact opposite of the leadership New Hampshire needs in this moment. Their anti-choice records stand in sharp contrast to Senator Hassan, who has been and will always be a fierce advocate for reproductive rights. Senator Hassan will stand up for women’s freedoms and dignity – and her opponents would only stand with Mitch McConnell and his radical anti-choice agenda.”

Dalia Vidunas, Executive Director of the Equality Health Center: “At the Equality Health Center, we provide family planning care to women and people in New Hampshire, which includes safe and legal abortions. Because of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe, the future of safe and legal abortion is no longer a guarantee here in the state New Hampshire. I’ve heard stories from providers across the country who, starting on Friday, had to call patients, had to cancel abortion appointments and effectively close down their doors. In some states, that means that the only abortion clinic available for that entire state’s population is no longer open. This is a heartbreaking reality for many women across the country, and it’s terrifying to think that there are those in our state government who want that exact same reality for Granite Staters.”


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