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FIREWORKS: Republican Senate Candidates Get Nasty & Extreme in Third Senate Debate

48 hours, two debates — and New Hampshire’s Republican primary just keeps getting nastier. Newly minted frontrunner Don Bolduc was repeatedly slammed for supporting abolishing the FBI and defunding law enforcement, while both Morse and Bolduc doubled down on their support for defunding Planned Parenthood.

1. Bolduc Under Fire for Supporting “Abolishing the FBI”

Don Bolduc was repeatedly attacked by Kevin Smith for saying on Sunday he supports abolishing the FBI and defunding the Department of Homeland Security. Smith lambasted Bolduc, saying “Don said that the FBI needed to be abolished and then hesitated when asked whether or not they should be designated as a terrorist organization.”

  • Listen to Smith rip Bolduc for supporting abolishing the FBI here.

2. Chuck Morse and Don Bolduc Double Down on Defunding Planned Parenthood

During the debate, Chuck Morse doubled down on defunding Planned Parenthood, saying “I certainly wouldn't support funding Planned Parenthood. And I haven't.” Bolduc piled on saying, “And I do not support funding for Planned Parenthood at any level using taxpayer dollars.”

3. “Are Any of You Pro-Choice?” **Silence**

Debate moderator Jack Heath asked all of the opponents whether they were pro-choice. The response? Silence.

  • Listen to the silence here.

4. Bolduc Reiterates that Donald Trump Won the 2020 Election While Morse Continues to Defend Trump Against Law Enforcement

Don Bolduc doubled down on his claim that Donald Trump won the 2020 election, saying: “I will tell you that I signed a letter with 124 admirals and generals that stipulated, I believed, that the election had fraud and that I concurred with President Trump's assessment of it. And I do not change my mind on that.” Meanwhile, Chuck Morse defended Trump from any form of accountability, saying he thinks law enforcement’s action against Trump “was disgraceful.”

5. Bolduc Doubles Down on Calling Chris Sununu a Chinese Communist Sympathizer

Last year, Don Bolduc drew sharp criticism from his own party for calling Chris Sununu a “Chinese communist sympathizer.” Today, Bolduc defended his controversial attacks on Sununu, saying “he’s on the Chinese Communist Sympathizer list as published by our State Department and as brief by Secretary Pompeo. That's a fact.”

  • Listen to Bolduc attack Sununu (again).


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