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Failure to Launch: In Latest Example of Botched Rollout, Kevin Smith Tries to Rewrite His Record

Smith Fails to Rewrite His Past Record on Opposing, Trying to Repeal Marriage Equality

Yesterday, Kevin Smith’s botched campaign rollout entered its third week with a blatant attempt to rewrite his record of opposing and then trying to repeal marriage equality. In his first interview with WMUR, Smith backtracked his position on marriage equality saying that it was “no different” than that of Governor Lynch “at the time.” The truth is that in 2009, Smith repeatedly attacked Governor John Lynch for signing marriage equality into law. When Governor Lynch announced that he would sign the legislation legalizing marriage equality, Smith criticized the Governor, saying he “broke his trust with New Hampshire voters.” After Lynch signed marriage equality legislation, Smith said Lynch had “officially sold out to the radical gay lobby" and ran a massive “Lynch Lied” advertising campaign attacking the Governor. Two years later, Smith was one of the leaders in the fight to repeal the marriage equality law and was a registered lobbyist for a group that sought to repeal the law. “After struggling for days to get attention, Kevin Smith is launching his campaign with a desperate attempt to rewrite his past. It’s awfully convenient that Smith, who for years was the leading opponent of marriage equality in New Hampshire, is now trying to rewrite his own record just days into his failing campaign,” said NHDP spokesperson Gates MacPherson. “No amount of backtracking or rewriting history can change Smith’s extreme record.” Smith’s backtracking is just the latest example of his campaign’s rocky rollout. The day before his launch event, Londonderry residents filed an ethics complaint against him for “politicking for the US Senate on taxpayer time.” Pundits have spent the last few days openly mocking Smith’s campaign, saying that “outside of Londonderry, I don’t think anyone has heard of Kevin Smith” and criticizing his campaign slogan and message for “pushing people out,” and for sounding like he's “going back to the past."



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