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FACT CHECK: Dan Feltes Has Spent His Career Fighting To Increase Access To Health Care & Lower Costs

Concord, NH - At tonight’s debate, Senator Feltes talked about what is at stake in this election when it comes to health care, his record protecting Granite Staters with preexisting conditions, and the need to lower health care costs in New Hampshire - which are the highest in the country. 

Emma Sands, Feltes for Governor Communications Director released the following statement; 

“Access to health care is a basic human right. But because of Chris Sununu’s leadership, health care is out of reach for too many Granite Staters. Like Trump, Sununu supports the repeal of the Affordable Care Act which would rip health care from thousands of Granite Staters. Meanwhile, Senator Feltes has been fighting to increase access to health care and lower costs his entire career. Who do you trust to protect your care? Someone who has spent their career trying to take it away or someone who has spent their career trying to protect it.”


At the State House, Dan has been a leader on health care policy; 

  • He served as a lead Democratic negotiator for the reauthorization of Medicaid Expansion -- protecting access to health care for over 50,000 Granite Staters. 

  • Dan introduced and passed legislation to protect individuals with pre-existing conditions by codifying provisions of the Affordable Care Act in New Hampshire law. 

  • Dan sponsored legislation to combat skyrocketing prescription drug costs by allowing the importation of safe, low-cost prescription drugs from Canada and legislation that would cap the out-of-pocket cost of Insulin at $30 per month. 

Last month, Senator Feltes released a health care plan that would; 

  • Make Medicaid expansion permanent.

  • Require insurance providers that cover maternity care to also cover abortion health care services and block any efforts to restrict access to abortion health care services. 

  • Increase investments in student loan forgiveness programs for caregivers. 

  • Replace Chris Sununu’s “Doorways” program with a “Doorway to Recovery” that truly has the capacity to meet the state’s treatment capacity needs. 

  • Establish paid family and medical leave insurance. 

  • Support seniors with prescription drug relief by helping fully fill the coverage gap (“Donut” hole) and assist with out-of-pocket costs.



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